Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Riding Daisy with Freedom Tagging Along!!

Today I got off from work an hour earlier which was totally awesome ;) So I took a nap first then Sharon had a mother and daughter come for a wagon ride which we went into the Panda Garden (a Chinese buffet). When we got back Andrea (who owns Sweet Pea) came over to ride. Sharon rode Harry and I rode Daisy and Andrea rode Sweet Pea (of course). I really wanted to take Freedom along but I asked Andrea first where she wants to ride and how hard and how long. She said up to Fairmount Trails is good so that is what we did. Since we weren't going to far I could take Freedom along. We cantered out the back field and up the field lane. Freedom was having fun running alongside his mom. Then when we got up to the home we just walked thru there and he did well with staying by his mom for the most part. I had decided that I wanted to take him one more time without leading him and so the next time if it works out I want to put the halter on and lead him. He does well with leading from the ground so we shall see how he does with leading from his mom. We cantered some on the way back too. Well once we were back Freedom was warm enough to hose him off so I hosed both him and Daisy off. He did so well with standing too. I just held my hand in front of his chest some of the time and he didn't run off either. I was so impressed with him. Then I loved on Shasta a bit and gave them their grain. Sharon and I also set up a foal feeder for Freedom so he can eat grain when Daisy does!! Tomorrow we shall see who I ride but I really want to work with Shasta sometime this week a bit!! Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week!

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