Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday's Ride, Splash in the Creek, and Working with Freedom!!

Finished running and coming back to mom!
running in the meadow :)
Eatin grass :) Just love how his legs are so long
and he has to put his head like that :)

Today I got off from work and then I went to Sharon as usual. First we went to a garage sale and the tack store. When we got back I helped clean out some the stalls and we put some more rubber mats. After we were finished we (meaning my three cousins Josh, Chris, and Jesse Jr, Riley, Sharon and I) decided to go the creek. Alta was there as well (she is Jonathan's sister and she rides Jack). Sharon, Alta and I just walked to the creek and the boys cantered over so they could have more time to play in the water. Before we left I hosed Daisy and Freedom off (his second bath) because it was quite warm and muggy today) I rode Shasta in the snaffle and we went in the water a bit and she really liked that!! We rode back with Riley because he needed to be home by three and I took him home. When I got back to Sharon I decided to work with Freedom a bit! I put his halter on and worked with leading him. He did the best he ever did today :) Daisy followed of course. Then after I worked with him a bit I tied Daisy out in the yard.
Well Sharon and Alta and two of the boys decided to go for another ride so I stayed. I put Daisy and Freedom in the meadow. He was running around exactly like in the video :) He is so cute :D Then I filled the water in Daisy's corral and put her and Freedom away. I still had some time so I gave Shasta's bath because I am planning on taking her up to the rodeo (well its more like a gymnkana) is something Sharon and some others get together for some of local horsebackriders. Not to ride her in the games at least I don't think so..well I am not because I haven't worked with her on anything just to go on the slow ride afterwards and just for her to go somewhere else but not having to really work much ;)
My sister gave me some silver hoof polish so I put some of that on both Daisy and Shasta..You can't see it so well in the below pics but if you look closely you can see it. I brushed Daisy a bit and put the polish on her hooves while I waited for Shasta's hoooves to dry. When she was dry I put some on her too and brushed her mane and tail out :) I put her away and headed home. Overall it was a wonderful day with my horses!!

after her bath!
You can kinda see the hoof is clear with sparkles in it!!

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