Friday, May 18, 2012


Today I rode Daisy. Sharon had to take Bean and Misty over to the farrier so she rode Bean and ponied Misty while I rode Daisy bareback. She did so awesome. She cantered so nicely and so slowly when asked and she just did great all around. I think that was the best cantering ride I have had in a long time on her. So glad I decided not to breed either of my horses again this year. When we got back I hosed Daisy off and brought Shasta in off of the meadow. I keep checking her every day and she looks like she could have her baby soon but I think she might wait till next week. We shall see I guess. I loved on her and Daisy a bit then headed home. I need to get to bed early tonight due Tomorrow I work for the first time on a Saturday and Saturdays we go in at 2 instead of 3 so it will be interesting. But the nice thing is we get out and hour earlier. We shall see how it goes!! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

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