Sunday, May 6, 2012


Yesterday I spent the day with my sister Rachel. We went up to a rodeo that some people put on for some of us from Sharon's barn and a collection of other people. It actually is more like a ghymnkana (sp) but we all call it a rodeo. Everyone rides their horses up to the rodeo (well all of us that are coming from Sharon's). I rode Shasta and Rachel rode behind me. For those of you who don't know Rachel is 7 and she is my sister. Shasta did very well I was quite impressed. When we got up there I took the stirrups off and hosed her down then I put the long rope I use to sometimes lunge the girls on her and let her eat grass with Harry. I wasn't going to do any games I just came along to watch and have fun with other horse people as well as take some pics :D I took some nice pics I was quite pleased :)  After the games everyone goes for a short ride together..we went along for that..then we got back ate supper and while everyone we rode up with rode home I trailered Shasta home. So Rachel and I went with Earl Dean in the pick up that pulled the trailer.When we got back I spent some time with Freedom and Daisy. I took a few pics as well as some better video of him and her. Then Rachel and I headed home. Overall it was quite an awesome day!!!!

she is owned by the same people who bought Ebony from Sharon!

Aussie Saddle

 Shasta at the rodeo
Daisy and Freedom :)

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