Monday, May 21, 2012


Today I rode Daisy :) I didn't take  Freedom along as planned because my two cousins were there, Riley and Alta were there too and they all wanted me to go riding with Sharon and them. So I went along ;) It was too long for Freedom so he stayed home. I rode Daisy in the english saddle and she did so awesome..I am just so pleased with her!! <3 When we got back I put her out on the meadow, let Shasta out on the lawn and then went into Freedom. I messed with his legs a bit and he stood still without me holding him..I was so pleased. Then he came to me and such which was good too because he never did that before. I lead him around a bit as well. He is getting big and he is just the sweetest little thing!!

When I finished messing with Freedom I loved on Shasta a bit, put her back in her corral and gave both girls their grain!! Then I headed on home. I want to do some groundwork with Shasta and some riding work with her too but I am just holding off on riding her a lot alot till she has her baby. I do want to ride her a bit this week just not too much. I do want to take Freedom on a ride as well..we shall see what all happens I guess! Have a wonderful week!!

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