Saturday, May 19, 2012


Today I rode Shasta bareback and with the Paso-Fino bit. I so wished I wouldn't have but I did. She didn't do well at all and I think it is because we did walking and when we cantered we didn't go fast at all. It was because Sharon was riding Harry and he canters really slow and Shasta wanted nothing to do with that today. She was all speed for whatever reason today :D Anyway I worked with her and toward the end she did better. I want to do groundwork Monday with her..we shall see. I didn't ride Daisy today or take Freedom out but I plan to do that next week. We shall see how it goes!!
When I got back from riding I loved on both girls a bit, gave them grain and water and then headed home!! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
p.s. Hope to have more interesting blogs next week :D

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