Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday's Rides on Daisy and Shasta!!

My cousins were at Sharon (Sarah and MaryRose) and we were in the house talking for a long while. Then we went out and MaryRose and I were petting Freedom and loving on him a bit. He is a frisky boy :) I got him to pick all four legs up without a problem!!After my cousins left I groomed Daisy then I put the hackamore on her and Sharon and I headed out on a ride. Sharon was on Harry, me on Daisy and Freedom followed along behind. He was having so much fun. We cantered some but walked mostly!! When we got back I brushed Daisy off and put her and Freedom away.I got Shasta out put the Paso-fino bit on her (don't use it much but still do somtimes) and Sharon and I went for a quick spin. She was doing lead changes on Harry ;) We did some cantering with Shasta so she was a little sweaty when we got back so I hosed her off! Then I loved on both her and Daisy and Freedom then headed home. Overall it was a wonderful afternoon with my horses!!

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