Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Tis a rainy day here so after work I took a nap then I headed out to my horses. I took Daisy and Freedom into the main ring with the other horses. I groomed Daisy really good and also groomed Freedom with the one brush. He is getting a lot better with stuff like that and seems to actually enjoy it!! After I groomed Daisy I walked her around a bit and got her to move her hindquarters for me :) She did really good!! I loved on her then put her away!! <3 Then I groomed Shasta too. She really enjoyed it too. Then I also got her to move her hindquarters as she did good with that. I loved on her too and she really was loving that. I let her go back to the other horses. I then cleaned Daisy's water tubs really good and also cleaned out her corral. I also oiled Shasta and Daisy's saddle :) <3 Overall it was a good afternoon with my horses!!

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