Friday, June 29, 2012

First Ride on Silver!!

Today when I went in the main ring Silver followed me without me really asking him too :) We did that for a little bit and then I tied him over by the tack room. I got a saddle and put it on him. Before I had put it on him I let him sniff it so he could see what it smelled like and what he thought of it. No problem whatsoever when I put it on him. I cinched it up and buckled everything. With the saddle on I lunged him on the line and no bucks no nothing. I wasn't expecting him to do anything anyway :) He is really laid back. I put the hackamore on him and got on and we rode around the main ring a little. He responded well to the reins :) Then Sharon saddled up Speedy and we walked out the back field a bit. We got to the point that I could get him to walk forward without Speedy being right there. He did great!!

When we got back I hosed him off and then put him away. I had the hose out so I hosed both of my girls off. Tomorrow I plan to just love on the girls and spend time with them..maybe some riding :) We shall see how that all works out!!

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