Monday, July 16, 2012


Today I rode Daisy and just worked her on moving her hindquarters around ;) From on top of her. I have done this with her from the ground lots of times and she does well with it as well as moving her forequarters around. She did great doing it both ways. I can't wait to work with it some more. I didn't do anything with her moving her forquarters because I figured she did so well that I will let her think about how she did and we will go from here. I then got Shasta out and did the same thing with her all except just from the ground ;) She did well too. I also moved her forquarters around and she didn't do so good with that but she does it for me. I played with the babies a bit. They soon will be weaned (next week...some of you may think it is a bit too soon but for Freedom it is just right and Mateo is wearing his mom down with his being on her so I think its for the best for him to be off of his mom..also this way he will be weaned with Freedom). I have thought about this alot and I think it is for the best. :) I have been seperating them every so often to get them a bit prepared for it!! Anyway hope you all have a great week!!

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