Friday, July 20, 2012

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday's Rides!!

Tuesday and Wednesday I didn't ride at all but I did groom both my girls and just love on them :) Then on Thursday my cousin Sara and I went riding and we rode double on Daisy. We didn't go too far and we actually walked on the way back for the fun of it. It was quite relaxing and enjoyable! Then this evening (Friday) I did ride. First I ponied Shasta and we didn't go to far because her one leg has been a bit swollen so I am slowly now getting her back into getting used again. Sharon went with me on Bean while I rode Daisy. After we went as far as we had planned to go we went back. Riley was just getting to the barn so he went to saddle up Ricki. I put Shasta away and cleaned up piles. By that time Riley was ready to go. I still had Daisy saddled up English so I just hopped on her once more and off we went. It was raining by now too or at least trying to. Still we rode in the rain. I haven't done that in quite a long time and it was fun for something different. We badly have needed the rain and today it has rained a lot so I wasn't going to complain about the rain although it was more inconvenient :D

This week I plan to put Shasta over at her former owner's house while we wean the babies. Daisy it won't be a problem to be on the same problem as her baby but Shasta she will just call and call and it will make things go more smoothly having her elsewhere. I plan to still stop and see her even if she is over there althought it might not be every day. Daisy will stay there at Sharon's along with the babies. So we shall see how this goes! :) Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

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