Monday, July 23, 2012


Today I got to ride a nice amount..been awhile :) Riley got there soon after I did and Sharon had taken a group of riders out on horseback so Riley and I went to find them. We caught up to them when they were on their way back so we just went back with them. Then I got Freedom and we went on another longer ride. About an hour or so long. We went by the way of the creek and Riley and I went in. I took Freedom in far enough so he could swim..he really liked that. Daisy got wet a bit too and I know she really liked that!! After we left the creek we did a nice amount of cantering and some just walking. This time it wasn't raining though but it was nice. When we got back I hosed Daisy off. I think Freedom felt really good after having been in the creek and also after stretching his legs like that. :) I had gotten to spend some time with Shasta before we had went riding and so after we got back I did the rest of the chores (had done some before) and since it was starting to rain I headed out.

Tomorrow Shasta goes over to where she used to live for two weeks to start off the weaning period. It won't work to have her and Mateo on the same property just because of the way she is. She doesn't do so well with seperation. So this way it will make things easier for everyone. Daisy it won't be necessary to take her anywhere else of which I am very grateful!! So we shall see how this weaning goes!! I have confidence though that it will go fine just because both foals are confident and don't seem to mind being seperated from their mom now already ;) Well hope you all have a great week!!

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