Friday, August 31, 2012

Another Ride At Sharon's!

Last evening (Thursday) my cousins Sara, MaryRose, Josh, Chris, Jesse, and I all went riding at Sharon's. They trailered their Beauty, Misha and Shasta down and picked up Daisy and I. We got to Sharon and saddled our horses up as well as some of hers. Riley and his brother Trevor arrived soon after we did. We stood around talking a bit then headed out on the ride. The boys were in the lead as well as Sara who was on Beauty and ponying Misha. We got to the end of the trail leading out to the field lane that goes up to Fairmount Homes. We had walked all this way and once we got to the field lane they asked me if we can run I said go ahead I am going to wait for Sharon. They took off and I asked Daisy to wait. Well she decided that it might be fun to pop off the ground a bit in her excitement to go...which didn't go so well since I had been pulling on the reins to get her to stop and I ended up pulling harder which caused Daisy to go higher and she lost her balance and went over backwards. I landed to the right and she landed a bit on my leg. We both got up and are both fine (I went to the chiro today instead of work cause I was/am sore and I hyperflexed my knee but other than that I am good). I hopped on her again and we rode with everyone again :) It was quite fun evening despite how it started out! Daisy had never done anything like that before but I don't blame her not really anyway. It wasn't really her fault it was a mixture of things which caused it all to happen. Anyway tonight the farrier is coming out so we shall see how that goes. It is a new one but the guy that owns the barn said he is good so we shall see!! :)

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