Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday's Ride!!

Tonight I rode Daisy bareback again :) I think I actually only used my english saddle one time and my stirrups here at this barn, all bareback so far pretty much :) We headed out at a walk and walked the whole way to the one area that is grassy alongside the road, then we cantered!! Once we reached the end of that we just walked. By that time Daisy and I were almost back to my place. We walked till we got down to the strip then we cantered a bit and when we passed the field that was harvested on the other side of the road I asked Daisy to stop and we crossed the road so we could go in the field. We cantered out and watched for holes and once we knew we were good, as far as holes were concerned, we went flat out :) Note: I do want to work with Daisy in the areana and such and really work with her with the snaffle..that is the project for winter. Then since it was going to be getting dark soon we headed back to the barn. We walked pretty much all the way home then. Daisy did really good. Since she was nice and warm I hosed her off when we got back to the barn. Before I gave her her grain I rebraided her mane: (took the pic with my camera..not so good quality)

diamond braids
Hoping it stays in nice for tomorrow..if not I will just redo it in the am. Tomorrow I am going riding with my cousins up at Project 70 (as we call it). It is a Wildlife Preservation :) Have a good Labor Day!
OH FREEDOM IS COMING TOMORROW..will try to get pics!!

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