Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Braiding Daisy's Mane!

Top Pic represents what I wanted it to look like (my friend's horse..she gave me the idea) and then the bottom pic is Daisy and the product of tonight..didn't turn out exactly how I planned but I want to try again :)
This evening I actually didn't ride. I did find the shoe Daisy threw last night so I was happy about that..now just need the farrier to come out (hopefully this week). So I just hung out with Daisy, braided her mane (pictured above) and gave her her grain :) Tomorrow I want to do a bit more than that! We shall see :)


  1. These two pictures really illustrate what I was talking about. The first picture is a little cool and the second picture is warm. When I am doing photography, I usually shoot for somewhere between the temperature of these two pictures. But like I said, some of it depends on personal preference and your own style of photography.

    1. That makes sense...is the coolness or warmness of the picture at all depend on weather it is indoors or outdoors or is it all in the camera? Appreciate your input!