Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday's Ride!

I rode Daisy tonight again :) This time I rode her bareback. I got to the barn and went out to get her. She saw me come and started walking in (not sure if she recognizes my vehicle yet but I am beginning to wonder). She cantered the last bit in and met me at the gate. That gives me the nice warm fuzzies inside ;) Anyway I put her halter on and we went into the barn and I put the hackamore on and hopped on and off we went (I first had rebraided her mane again). We walked at first and cantered a bit. We went thru the Schoeneck a bit then headed on down to my house. We found one little nice grassy spot to canter so we cantered there. Once we got to my house I went and said Hi to Rose Mary and Dad who were out back. Then we stopped by my Grandparent's house and said Hi to Grandma. Then finally down to our house to say Hi to Mom and Rachel. After we visited everyone we cantered down the strip (haven't done that since I had Daisy here at my house). I saw that our neighbor lady was outside so I went over and talked to her and her husband a bit. Then Daisy and I headed back to the barn. She threw a shoe somewhere along the way (I think I know where it is) so tomorrow I want to go look for it. The farrier is supposed to be coming out one of these days soon. Once we got back to the barn I hosed Daisy off, gave her her grain and then put her out in the meadow. It was a good evening. :)

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