Friday, August 3, 2012


Today I got to ride Daisy again. I rode with my cousins (Sara, Rhonda, and Rachelle). Sharon came along as well and it was such an enjoyable evening. Daisy did wonderful. The most fun I think for me as far as playing with my horses was I was cleaning up my piles and Daisy followed me from each pile to the fence where I thru it over to fertilize the stuff on the other side. :) She is such a sweetheart. Then I went to play with the babies and I loved on Mateo first then I loved on Freedom. I got Freedom to say yes and no (using my finger (to say no I say "say no" and tap his neck and he shakes his head no and to say yes I say "say yes" and tap his chest and he shakes his head yes)..I thought that was neat. Then I got him to pick all four hooves up and he stood still like a statue. I was so pleased with him. Overall it was a wonderful and relaxing evening. Tomorrow I got to Washington DC with my youth group. Looking forward to that!!

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