Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!!

Tuesday: I didn't ride any of my horses I just rode Curly over to the farriers for Sharon. Once he was finished there I went to visit Shasta for a tad bit while Harry (who Sharon had ridden) was getting finished up at the farrier. I brushed Shasta and hosed her off then went back over to the farrier (Joel (Shasta's former owner) which is where Shasta is for over this weaning period, lives very close to the farrier..he is actually the next door neighbor). When we got back to Sharon's barn I said hi to Daisy and the foals, fed them and headed home.
Wednesday: Wednesday I didn't ride either. I got to Sharon later than normal because I got off work an hour later. So I gave everyone their grain and hay and then I got the babies out and put them in the meadow. I got some really nice pictures of them too :) They got the chance to burn some energy which they really liked. I like how tame they are too. :) I then put the babies back in their corral and let Daisy back on the meadow. I got a few pics of her but hope to get more better ones later. Tomorrow I don't know if I will ride or not..will depend on what time I get off from work!!

Here are the pics I took yesterday (above)

Thursday: Today I did ride :) I got to Sharon right after work. I talked to Sharon in the house and I said I am going riding right away and asked her if she is coming along. She said yeah sure after she finishes her beans so I went out and said Daisy girl. I went into her paddock (which is connected to the meadow..the horses that are in the 3 paddocks attatched to the meadow get turns in the meadow) and she was halfway out in the meadow. She heard the gate and walked in to me. I stood waiting for her and she walked right up to me. I was so happy with her :) :) Then I took her in the barn and groomed her and put the hackamore on and off we went on a ride. We rode for about an hour. We did some cantering and some walking. Daisy and I even ran flat out :) She really liked that. Tomorrow if I am able to before I go riding with my cousins I want to work her a bit with the snaffle and see how that goes. We shall see!! When we got back from the ride I cleaned water buckets and then gave Daisy and the foals their grain and filled water buckets then headed out. Looking forward to tomorrow!! I did stop and see Shasta as well on the way home :) She is doing well!!

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