Sunday, August 5, 2012

Washington, D.C.

Started out the day meeting the youth at Schafferstown Dutchway at 6 am. We drove down to the Greenbelt Metro Station. Got there around 8:45. We got on the Metro and went our seperate ways (we had a group of 26 or so people). Karen, Sheila, Rose Mary, Evie, Amber and I all wanted to go to the Zoo first. So that is where we went. We took the Metro there and walked to the National Zoo. Once there we walked thru and saw the different animals. We spent about 2 hrs there or so. After that we stopped for lunch at a McDonalds that wasn't far from the Metro Station. Our next stop was going to be the National Musuem of American History. We spent a nice amount of time there and if you are ever in D.C. and have an interest in History I would go there. I got some pics from the trip just none at the Musuem. I might use some of my sister Rose Mary's on here. Anyway it was a very awesome day and I would so go again. We headed home around 6 or 6:30, stopped for supper at Cracker Barrel and I got home around 10:00 ;) Nice long but wonderful memory filled day!!

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