Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Moving the Horses and Just Organizing my Things and Saying Hi to Daisy!!

Yesterday was moving day...........for my horses that is! I got off from work around 3 and got to Sharon around quarter of 4. The trailer and truck were already hooked up so we got all my things together (amazing how many things you accumulate in 4 yrs) and loaded Daisy and the babies in the trailer and headed off for Joel's. At Joel's place we unloaded Mateo and Freedom and took Mateo back to the corral where he will be staying till he is sold. He is with a filly about his age so I think he will be happy. At first he wasn't too sure about thing but I think he shall be fine. We got Shasta and loaded her in the trailer and put Freedom back on. Then off we went to take ALL my stuff and Daisy to her new home 2 minutes from my place. Once we got there we unloaded Daisy and took her over to the meadow (in case you wondered my cousins, MaryRose and Sarah, were helping me out!!) and let her go in there. She was like OH LOOK GRASS :D and chowed right down on the grass. With her in her meadow we unloaded all my things. I didn't really organize anything due to having to take Freedom to his place and Shasta to hers. I said bye to Daisy and we headed on our way. Next stop dropping Freedom off.
We got to Burnell and Shannon's place and unloaded Freedom. We put him in the meadow and he was a bit unsure of himself so we put him up in the meadow at a different place and he seemed to be fine. Shannon texted me today and said he was hanging out with Kate (her older horse...they own Dusty, Kate, Beauty (not my cousin's Beauty) and Beauty's baby). He will be moving up to Daisy on Labor Day (thats the plan anyway).
Off we headed to my cousins place to drop Shasta off and pick up Ricki and Beauty and take them back to Sharon's. Shasta settled right into her meadow with Misha (my cousin Sarah's horse) and seemed glad to have grass to eat. My cousin MaryRose is going to have her on trial to see if she wants to buy her :) Then we left there with Ricki and Beauty and went back to Sharon. By this time it was 9ish. By the time we got back to Sharon and I left it was quarter of ten. I got home around 10..made for a LOONNGG afternoon but I felt good knowing my horses were all settled in :) Here are pics of Freedom and Daisy :)

 Freedom at his Temporary home till he goes to Daisy on Labor Day

Today I went to say Hi to Daisy. It felt weird..a good weird though..to be able to go see Daisy and not to have to drive far. So thankful mind you just different :) It will take some getting used to but I am looking forward to it!! I had bought some tubs to put my things in and I organized that all and put my saddles on their wracks and all that such like. Then I went and said hi to Daisy..she came right up to me, was like oh you came to see me then was like yummy grass...LOL..such a horse. :D I didn't stay long but I do want to ride sometime this week..We shall see because tomorrow after work I help with canning peaches but beyond that I don't know how the rest of the week will go..Sat and Sun though I might get to ride ;) Anyway hope you all have a great rest of the week!!

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