Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Riding Daisy!!

Freedom at his new place!
Today I rode Daisy for the first time since she is at the new place. It is so NICE having her there although I can't wait till Freedom comes!! Hopefully Labor Day! Anyway I had some things I wanted to organize first when I got to the barn so I did that. Now I believe I have all my things in place :) I went out to get Daisy..I whistled and said Hey Daisy. She heard me come in the gate and started heading my way. I waited for her and she walked the whole way from the other end of the meadow to me. I clipped the lead on her and we went into the barn. I put the stirrups on her and the hackamore and off we went. We actually came down to visit my house :) Rachel and my mom loved seeing Daisy again. It was good for Daisy and I to go for a ride together here. She enjoyed herself. We cantered some and walked some but mostly walked. It took abou an hour to ride down here, talk for a bit, then ride back but it only really takes about 15 minutes one way to ride here :) I like that. Once we got back up to the barn I unsaddled her, hosed her off then put her in the meadow. I got her grain and gave it to her. Once she had eaten it all I put the bucket away, hugged her and headed home :) So nice seeing my girl again and having her close to home. Planning to see the boys tomorrow or Friday. Hope you have a great rest of the week!!

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