Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Monday and Tuesday!

Monday: I didn't do much with the horses yesterday because Mom was going with Rachel to Fire and Safety (it is something geared towards homeschoolers and fire safety). So I just did odds and ends around here and then went to the horses, gave them their grain and hay then came home.
Tuesday: Today I did ride. I got to Daisy and Freedom and gave Freedom his hay and grain then got Daisy and groomed her and saddled her up with the English saddle and snaffle. So off we headed. At first she was just being a nut about everything...she kept wanting to turn back. I just worked her thru that and we trotted a bit. We headed down towards home (my home) and there is a grass strip thing that goes between two corn fields. I have gone out that way before but never with Daisy. So we trotted out there till we couldn't go anymore then went in the field a bit till we got to the real field lane. First we just trotted then cantered a bit. Then we turned around and Daisy was like see ya later and took off before I asked her too. I was hanging on for dear life :( I stayed on and got her stopped. I was like we are trying that again and this time you need to listen to me. So we trotted a bit then cantered back. Then we turned around and headed back the way we came and she took off again. This time I felt like she was listening to me and things were going well till we came to the end. I wanted her to turn and stop and she decided I am not stopping. In the process I flew off and she left. She usually stops no matter the speed we are going when I fall off (which is usually cantering) but this time she left and headed for home. Well someone caught her and my mom came and picked me up and I got to Daisy. Quite a bit of stress going on between the time she ran away and I found her but I was so glad to see her and glad that she wasn't hurt. I got on again and we trotted toward my house and I cantered her a bit up and down the driveway and she listened well. Then we trotted some of the way home but mostly walked. Once back at the barn I brushed her and loved on her then put her out in the meadow. I have a feeling I know why things went the way they did this evening but either way tomorrow I know what I plan to do :) Just work her in the areana some on stopping and just listening to me then hopefully Thursday I would like to take her back to where she ran away with me and work with her on not doing what she did before. We shall see how this all ends up working out then. Daisy was all right and I am too. I know things could have turned out differently but I am so thankful they didn't. Hope you all have a great week!

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