Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday's Ride!

Today Daisy and I did go for a ride. I tacked her up with the English saddle and snaffle bit just like yesterday. We also went the same way as yesterday :) Things went really well today although I am more conscience now than I was before, for some reason, of how I ride and how I communicate with Daisy. Anyway we headed back the grass lane between the corn fields and we cantered a bit till we got to the tree where we have to cut into the field. Then we were on the field lane..first we trotted then I let Daisy run. She did good with slowing down and stopping as well. So we turned around and headed back...she took off like a bullet only when I told her to go. That made me happy. She also stopped at the end of the lane like I asked. We turned around and redid everything like yesterday. Daisy responded well with it and it went so well compared with yesterday. We had trotted down to the field and then once on the road again we walked till we got to my house and we trotted up the grass strip. I worked Daisy a bit at at stopping and standing still till I told her to go. I once at our place I talked to my dad and Rose Mary and then my mom and Rachel. After that, Daisy and I headed back to the barn. We trotted a lot of the way ;) Once back I unsaddled her, then put her away. Overall I felt like today went lots better than yesterday :)

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