Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday!

Girls brushing Daisy
Tuesday: I rode Daisy a little tad bit in the snaffle around the place there. She did pretty good. Honestly at the beginning of the week (before she got shoes again) I didn't ride much!
Wednesday: I didn't do much with the horses all except love on them a bit and such because I had church.
Thursday: After work I came home and took a quick nap. Then I headed up to Daisy, brought her in to the barn and put her in a stall so that the farrier could start on her a while if he got there before I did. I gave both her and Freedom their hay and grain then headed out. I went down to my cousins to where Shasta was. I was meeting the people there because they were picking her up. They were there when I got there. I gave Shasta her shots that she needed (tetnus and West Nile) and they put her in the trailer and we talked a bit, signed the papers over to them and off Shasta went. I am really pleased with where she is went!! Then I got a message from the people that own the barn where Daisy and Freedom are and they said we will take Mateo. So Mateo will be joining Freedom and Daisy on Friday. So glad he is going to be coming here. Anyway I headed back up to Daisy after the people left with Shasta and the farrier was there already. Daisy got shoes put on and redid her fronts and then I put her back with Freedom then went home. It was quite the evening!
Friday: I had planned to ride but then I ended up not feeling well at all so I went to work for part of the day then came home. In the evening I went up and gave the horses their grain and hay and just said hi then came home again.
Saturday: Today I felt a bit better this morning. The picture at the top of the post is actually from today. I got both Daisy and Freedom out and we brushed them and then I put the stirrups on Daisy and the hackamore and put the long rope on Freedom and we went for a short ride. Freedom did quite well actually. Daisy seemed to enjoy getting the chance to stretch her legs even if we didn't go that far. On the way back I was messing around with slowing her down from a trot just with my seat and my legs. SHE DID ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! :) Then coming in the driveway I was getting her to do serpentines with just leg and seat cues....then again she did WONDERFUL :) I was SO PLEASED!! I hugged her and praised her! Once in the barn I brushed the her and Freedom then put them out in the meadow again. I was so happy with how Daisy did. Hoping to go for a longer ride sometime later next week!

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