Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!!

Well the viewing and funeral went well :) Glad it is over though! My dad is doing well..he was released from the hospital Tuesday. He had his surgery Monday and it went late into the day which is why he was released the next day:)
Anyway, I haven't been able to spend a lot of time with my horses this weekend (well since Saturday) but last evening (Tuesday) I groomed my horses and loved on them. Yesterday (Wednesday) I had hoped to ride Daisy and play with Freedom! Didn't ride then but loved on the horses and they got treats :) It is good to just do that sometimes!
Thursday: I did ride a bit Thursday evening. I got Daisy out of the meadow and put the snaffle bit in her mouth...then I took her over to the grassy area and got her to lay hoping to get her to the point that all I need to do is give her a command without touching her and she lays down..we shall see. Anyway I hopped on her and told her to get up. She got up and off we went. I worked her a bit mainly at turning on her haunches and her forhand and stopping and backing up. Hoping to go for a good ride in this next week. I should be able to because it is the week of Thanksgiving ;) After riding I groomed her and then loved on both her and Freedom!
Then on Friday I didn't ride either cause I was hanging out with my sister and some cousins..did love on the horses though. Saturday I was going thru some of my things that were in the attic as well as some things that were in my room. Now my room and such feel organized and not cluttered :) Have a wonderful rest of the weekend and a great week!

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