Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Monday and Tuesday!

Monday: It was a rainy evening but I really wanted to work with Daisy so I got her out and just hopped on her. It hadn't been raining for too long so she wasn't to wet. I was using the snaffle and worked with her on walking and stopping and backing up all with just leg, seat, and rein cues. It went quite well. I got her to move her hindquarters around as well and she did very well with backing up. She is getting softer and softer. I believe if I keep just working her in short sessions like I have been since Saturday it will get better.

Tuesday: I did pretty much the same thing as Monday although I didn't do much with Daisy moving her hindquarters. I also got her to walk really slow then speed up then slow down again then speed up then stop. She did quie well with that! She did the best both Monday and Tuesday especially compared with Saturday..she wanted to be a bit bull headed Saturday :D

I groomed Daisy and put her away. I got Freedom out and groomed him too. While grooming him we worked on backing up and staying in the same spot when told to. He did very well. He is quite the smart and handsome little guy. So impressed with how he has been doing. Cannot believe that he will be one in April. A year goes by quite quickly!

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