Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thursday - Sunday!

Thursday: I didn't do any riding but I just played with the horses and loved on them. I sat on the ground a bit to see if when I ignored him if Freedom would come. Sure enough over he came. I was texting a friend and he comes and sniffs the phone and is like hey does this taste good. I told him that my phone is not a toy and he may not taste it. That didn't matter to him...he kept sticking his nose in my face and just checking me out all over to see if I am ok. He just couldn't figure out what I was doing on the ground. Mostly he just stood there. He loves when you scratch under his jaw. Daisy didn't pay any mind to me. She just stood a distance away and looked on. I went over to her and just loved on her a bit too. Groomed both horses to put their blankets back on because of the rain we are now getting. It is supposed to be a wet few days so I don't know how much groundwork or anything I will get to do with the horses. Hoping to still groom them and love on them.
Friday: No riding but I did love on the horses for a nice amount of time and just did some organizing up at the barn :)
Saturday: I worked with Daisy a bit in the snaffle and mainly worked on her whoa and turning and just mainly listening to me. She did quite well. Also did some flexing. After she did so well with all that we just went up the road a bit and came back again.
Sunday: No riding, just loved on the horses then home again :)

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