Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Rest of the Week!

Wednesday and Thursday: No riding here....I had gone for an interview on Wednesday so by the time I got home I was very tired and in no mood to do anything. I had left work early and I had a ways to drive :) Thursday I got off from work late and it was cold....really what do I expect..its winter.

Friday: The farrier came. I am using the one I used when I first got Navajo. Really really like him. I had used a different one when my horses where at Sharon and then when I moved them to this barn I was using the one they used. I liked him fine but I really liked the one I first had when I got horses so I called him up when it was time for the farrier to come again. I also figured he of all three would be the most open to trying the Wild Horse Trim (read more here: and here where I first heard of the Wild Horse Trim: I am going to be sending him info via mail and next time he comes out we shall see what happens :) Anyway I groomed Daisy and loved on Freedom then headed home because my parents were going to my uncle's rehearsal dinner..his wedding was Saturday. Rachel and I did some errands and grabbed some supper then we spent the evening together.
Saturday 1/19: No riding and not much horsey time but here is what I had been up to. My Uncle's wedding. He got remarried after losing his first wife to cancer. My computer won't let me upload pictures so I will try to post some later :)


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