Monday, January 7, 2013

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday!

Thursday: No riding but I was just hanging out in the meadow with the horses :) I cleaned out the water tub and scrubbed it. Then I was just petting the horses and loving on them. Overall it was quite the enjoyable time!! :) Hoping to groom both horses tomorrow and spend some time on groundwork..we shall see what happens!
Friday: I didn't ride or work with the horses. I got out of work late and then ended up just doing some odds and ends around the house and not really doing much.

Saturday: I did ride for a good hour on Saturday. I just rode bareback and with the hackamore. I plan ( planning and motivation in the winter doesn't go far..I need someone besides myself to push me..hehe) to do more groundwork over the next few months and just really work on Daisy and I's bond (as well as really establishing one with Freedom) and come spring and warmer weather I want to really throw myself into riding. We shall see.

Sunday: My sister Rose Mary went up with me to the horses. I was planning on just grooming them in the meadow but she was like can we get them out. I said sure just watch the goat and don't let her get out. Wouldn't you know the goat got out..LOL. So we were trying to get her back in but she was enjoying her new found freedom far to much. We did get her back in and groomed the horses. Rose Mary was having fun just leading Freedom around and hanging out with him. It was fun watching him and her.

Monday: Didn't hang out much with the horses this evening. Did some laundry and some other housework as well. Since I did all the cleaning up this evening tomorrow evening should be nice and open to do some groundwork with Daisy!

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