Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tuesday's Groundwork and Wednesday!

Tuesday: I did groundwork. My sister Rose Mary went with me to the horses and I got Daisy out and we went over to the areana. I did some join-up work with Daisy and she joined up with me. Then I got her to follow me some as well as got her to move her hindquarters without me touching her. All body language. Also got her to back up with just body voice commands. That is something we have been working on with voice commands the past few weeks and she did it without any voice commands. So proud of her. Once we were done in the areana we headed back thru the barn out to the meadow. Daisy followed me, at liberty, all the way back out to the meadow. A few times I needed to get her to back up or move out when she either moved to close to me or didn't come along ;) But other than that she did very awesome. Back out at the meadow, Rose Mary and I groomed both Daisy and Freedom.

Wednesday: No groundwork, just plenty of loves and hugs for everyone :) We are having warmer weather here which is nice from all the coldness. So glad it is January cause that means one month closer to SPRING.

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