Thursday, March 14, 2013

Monday thru Thursday!

Monday I lunged Jess in the roundpen a little bit because I had chorus practice in the evening and didn't have much time to work with the her. She did really well with going both ways and I even got her to canter a bit. Every other time I had asked her to canter in the roundpen she would do it but not for long...this time she did the best she has ever done before. Once I was done with her I loved on the horses and then headed off to chorus.

Tuesday I didn't ride at all because it said it was going to rain and even though it didn't rain I didn't ride. I kinda wanted to but ended up buying feed and a few other things for the horses so I just cleaned up where my hay and other stuff is up at the barn and now it looks really nice. I just loved on the horses again and headed home.

Wednesday I rode Jess before heading to the chiro. We went for a 20 minute ride on the road. I was very pleased with how she did. I even got her to canter a bit alongside the road and she cantered until I asked her to slow down to a walk. That is a big improvement over any time I worked her in the arena or anywhere else on cantering. So far I am very pleased with how she is doing. Once I got back from riding with Jess I groomed Daisy and loved on her and Freedom.

Thursday I didn't ride. I really wanted to but I was so sore. I am going to the chiropractor for tennis elbow as well as neck pain and such and so I was sore from that. I did put the horses in stalls for overnight so Freedom could get grain and they each could have their amount of hay. Also dewormed them. Friday I hope to ride or at least work with the horses some! :)


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  1. Sounds great! Jesse seems to be getting better every post! Hope you will be feeling well soon, I know some people who have severe back pain. Ouch!