Monday, May 13, 2013

A Dog Named Chloe and Working with the Horses

My sister Rose Mary bought a dog named Chloe from a friend of hers. I have been working with her since Rose Mary already has two other dogs she is working with so she is allowing me to train Chloe. We have had Chloe since the 4th of May. So fare I've been working with her to not pull on the leash, sit, and not jump on you when you go into the pen and when you leave to stay inside the pen. I can see a definite improvement since we have gotten her. Tonight we had her out and I was taking some pictures of her :) I have some experience taking pictures of dogs but tonight I believe I got some nice pictures. Above is one picture.
Well after I had worked with Chloe and taken some pictures I put her away and then Rose Mary and I went up to the horses. First I got Daisy out and lunged her. I didn't lunge her long but worked with her on turning, up and down transitions, as well as stopping, facing me, and then sending her off in a different direction. She did so well. I was so proud of how well she did. Hoping that tomorrow I can ride but we shall see.
I put her in a stall and gave her her grain. I went out to Freedom and worked with him on turning his hindquarters away from me on both sides as well as turning his forquarters away from me. He did well on both sides both with his hindquarters and forquarters. I got him to back up too. Freedom did the best he has done in a while with all of the stuff I asked. Rose Mary asked if I would lay him down and I said I would. So I laid him down right there in the meadow and he laid right down :) He is just getting so well with everything. AND he is getting so BIG!! :) So excited to see the horse he will become. Once I was finished with him I gave him his grain and then put Daisy out in the meadow where she had been before. Over all it was a really awesome evening working with the horses and Chloe!

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  1. Wow, Clhoe is be beautiful! Congrats to your sister!!!