Monday, May 13, 2013

Thursday and Mini Tour with the Chorus

Thursday I didn't ride but I worked with Daisy. I put the bridle with the snaffle on her and then lunged her like that. I had done this before when I had her here at home back when I first got her. She had responded really well to that then so I decided to do it once again. I started her at a trot and she responded well to the bit being in her mouth. I was really pleased with how well she stopped and changed directions when asked, sped up and slowed down, and stopped. Daisy did really well. Once I was done lunging her I praised her for doing so well.

Friday I didn't do anything with Daisy or Freedom because it rained by the time I got up there. I was slightly disappointed but I had been helping my dad, taking lots of pictures and putting things away :)

Saturday I didn't do anything with the horses either because I left for mini tour with the chorus.

Sunday we returned from mini tour and sang at Lebanon Valley Church (it is one of the churches in our district) and after church Rose Mary and I went to say hi to the horses on the way home. I wanted to just love on them a bit. Tonight I plan to work with Daisy at least and hopefully Freedom too. We shall see!

Mini tour was a lot of fun and I am so excited for main tour. :)

My sister, Rose Mary, and I work together now since I quit my job at Pellman Foods :) So since we work a lot together we get the chance tease each other as well as have a lot of fun. Part of that fun today included putting tractor grease on each others faces. Not sure exactly who started it and why it started but it ended up we got grease on our fingers. First we put it on our fingers from whatever we could find in our barn (and believe me since we have a business which deals in tractor parts there is a lot of grease in the barn) and ran after each other putting grease on each others faces. It was quite fun..Sure we are silly sometimes but it is just part of the joy of being sisters :)

Me and my sister Rose Mary being grease monkeys
This is a picture of all three of us girls, Rose Mary, Rachel and I

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  1. LOL, grease monkeys! LOoks like you had fun! Nice pics!