Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Just Hanging Out with the Horses

The trees don't look like this anymore since they have their leaves on them but I am thankful that spring is here. I do wish that it would warm up now but I am thankful that we have color once more ;)
This evening I didn't really work with any of my horses. I went out to Daisy and she started heading into me when I was halfway out because she saw me. Once she came to me I loved on her a bit. Then I layed her down so that I could hop on her. I had planned that she would just stand there possibly but she started to head into the gate by the barn. I didn't mind. Once we got in there she stopped and I asked her to turn around to head back out. Once heading out I asked her to stop, just seeing if she would stop. She did :) I just sat on her back and hugged her and loved on her for a bit. I then hopped off of her and I took her out of the meadow and into the barn. There I gave her some grain. Once she was done eating her grain, I took her out into the meadow again.
Before I left, I went out and gave Freedom his grain. I just loved on him a bit too. Looks like he will be a mini replica of his dad :) He is just so adorable. I want to get some pictures of him and I here sometime soon. I want to get some of Daisy and I soon too. So thankful for the horses I have been blessed with! :)

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  1. Oh, the flowers are beautiful! At last our snow is gone and we have been gardening a bit! Still a chill but who cares? The horses seem to love your lovin'!