Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A New Baby Named Shadow, Daisy's Hives, and Giving Everyone Baths

Daisy in the meadow before I noticed her spot on her face and her hives
Sorry I haven't written since Saturday. Had quite the eventful Sunday and Monday. Well Saturday I had gone up to Daisy and Freedom and fed them their grain and loved on them a bit but didn't ride or really work with either horse.
 New baby born Sunday....her name is Shadow at least for now :)
Sunday I went to church and after church and lunch I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. I thought of riding Daisy but a friend had sent me a picture of her new filly that had been born that morning. So I text her and asked her what she was up to and she said waiting till you come..hehe. She knew I wanted to come see the filly. So I headed down there and we just played with the baby, petting her and taking lots of pictures ;) She is a filly out of a registered paint mare and a registered appaloosa stud. She is the cutest thing ever!! She was a bit thin but my friend called me Monday and told me she filled out quite a bit in the last day. Well I left her place around 3 and headed right up to my horses. I had just gotten my 50mm 1.4 lens on Saturday so I had used that to take pictures of the filly and then when I got to the horses I went out to take pictures of my horses with that lens. I was shooting pictures of Daisy, Harley, and Prince. As I was shooting I got closer to Daisy and then I was like what in the world do you have on your face? It looked like she had gotten it went somehow. The closer I got I saw that her face had like open sores on it and she had hives. I brought her in from the meadow and called Alyson. She said she would come down. While I waited I cleaned Daisy's face up and put her in a stall and gave her water. Alyson came down and was like it might have been an allergic reaction from the buttercups with Daisy having hives and her sore on her face. It is hard to explain what it looks like and all but the second picture below can give you a better idea.
Daisy in the stall...I spent Sunday evening watching her till she got a shot of dexamethasone
This picture gives a better idea what her face looked like...it is like that on the other side as well as under her jaw. It was red, raw, and had a clear fluid that looked like it came out of her face.
Well I just watched Daisy Sunday evening to make sure her hives don't get worse. I called a friend of mine and she recommended giving a dex shot, which I did. After I gave Daisy the shot I went home to bed, came up again at four in the morning and the hives were gone but her face still looked nasty. Went home and then came up at 7 on Monday morning. Her face looked horrible still and didn't look any better, if not worse, than the evening before. So I went home and did some work and did some extensive research on skin conditions. Well the sore didn't seem like anything that I could find so I called my friend again and she came and looked at Daisy. She said it looked like gnats did the damage. We gave her a shot of banamine and then I gave her bute in her feed along with some antibiotics pills so she doesn't get an infection with having the open sore. I also went and got some baby oil to put on her ears to get rid of the gnats (or whatever are) in her ears. I did the same for Freedom so I don't have the same issue with him.
Today (Tuesday) I brought Daisy down to the farm here, till Friday since I need to give her her medicine twice a day and so I can keep an eye on her. She is doing quite well and her face looks like it is healing up nicely! So pleased with that!
I went up to the barn this evening to give Freedom a bath :) He looks so clean and smells so nice! I put baby oil on his ears again tonight and put fly spray on him. Then I came down home and gave Daisy a bath too. Both horses look great. :) So that has been my weekend! We shall see how this week goes. No riding for Miss Daisy but I will be working with Freedom hopefully.

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  1. Poor Daisy!!! NO fun. I'm sick right now. The baby foal is TOOOOO cute! I love the spots. Great photos. I like the one with Daisy grazing. :))))