Friday, May 17, 2013

More Bridleless Riding on Daisy and Working with Freedom

This evening I decided since I have been working Daisy with riding bridleless I figured it would be good to do some concentrated work with it in the arena. I put her in the arena and layed her down. At first she didn't want to lay down but she did. I praised her for doing so well, then hopped on her. We walked a bit and then I asked for a canter away from the the other end of the arena I asked for a stop. She nicely stopped, so I asked her to walk off toward the barn again. She walked nicely and halfway to the barn I asked her to stop and then back up. I was so pleased with how she did this evening. I didn't work her very long in the arena. Once I felt we were finished, I took her to the gate, opened it and we walked to the barn. We went in the barn and I walked her around in there. She is listening quite well with everything. So excited that we have come this far! :)
I gave her grain. While Daisy ate her grain I got Freedom. Walked him in and on the way in worked him a bit. I stopped him, got him to back up, move his but and just stand still. Overall he is doing quite well. I gave him his grain and then put flyspray on both him and Daisy and put them out again. So pleased with the progress both horses have made!

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