Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Riding Daisy and Line Driving Freedom

This evening I had wanted to take pictures with my horses but it didn't work out. So I put the bridle with the snaffle bit on Daisy. Since I didn't put the saddle on her, I laid her down, then got on her. I just rode her around, bareback, right behind the barn. I just worked her on stopping, backing, moving her hindquarters and forequarters around. She did so well. She was soft and very light on the bit and responded quite well with everything I asked of her. Once I was finished working with her, I brought Daisy into the barn and gave her grain. While she ate her grain, I harnessed Freedom up.

Sorry for the not so great was getting a tad too dark for pictures :)

I called my sister Rose Mary to help me. She came up and helped me by walking by Freedom's head so when I asked him to walk forward, she could give him the cue he already knows and in the way associate my cue with walking forward. Also that way when I ask him to go left or right she can be there to guide him along so he does it correct. We got some nice pictures of him and I together as well as him by himself all nicely harness up ;) He looks quite cute! I will hopefully post more pictures in the near future. Recently Freedom has had a growth spurt and instead of just coming up to my chest, his back comes up just a little below my neck. He is taller than Prince now too. I believe he will be growing quite a bit this summer. At least we hope anyway!

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  1. Cool!!! Freedom looks so cute in the harness. Sounds like your horses are just getting better!