Thursday, May 16, 2013

Riding Daisy Bridleless in the Meadow

Freedom all harnessed up with me
Sorry about the graininess, it was getting a bit dark for pictures!
This evening I didn't really do a lot with the horses. My sister and I had taken Chloe to the vet so that is where I spent some of my evening. When I got to the barn, I headed out to Daisy in the back meadow. All three horses, Harley, Prince and Daisy, were back there. When I was almost to Daisy, she came to me. I loved on her for a bit, then asked her to lay down. She nicely layed down for me so I hopped on her back. I had done this the other night and she had taken me into the gate. This evening I had a rope (like I had before, only this time I had a purpose in mind). I put it around her neck and asked her to walk forward. We walked around a bit mainly using legs with some neck reining. I got her to stop, back up, turn, and just walk around. We did canter a little bit and she stopped nicely when I asked her too. I was so pleased with how she did. I haven't really done any bridleless with Daisy and maybe this wasn't the best way to really do it but this is how I did it for this evening. I might end up messing with it a bit more in the arena :) I think it would be awesome to train her to go totally bridleless..we shall see.
Once I had stopped her a couple of times, I really praised her for how well she did. Took her into the barn and fed her grain. I also went out to Freedom and just loved on him for a bit. Didn't do much with him this evening but plan to tomorrow.

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  1. Oh how thrilling that you rode bridless! I REALLY want to do that one day, like Stacy Westfall. Freedom looks so pretty, I love his patches!