Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Chorus Tour 6.5-16.13 and Red Power Round Up 6.18-22.13 Pictures

 My friend Elana and I (she is the one that was my second shooter at my friend's wedding)
 Evie, Me, Elana
 Wall of Legos at Mall of America in MN
 A horse and rider made of legos
dress of cards at Mall of America
Large lollipops at Mall of America
 a mural at Fair Oaks Farm in IL 
Calf born in the birthing barn
Our chorus left on tour on Wednesday, June 5th. We were gone for a week and a half. This was the longest tour I ever was on but I think personally, this was one of my favorite of all the tours I have ever been on. We had a program every day but the last Saturday on tour. I enjoyed spending time with my friends and getting to know people better. I loved the tour of Fair Oaks Farms (Dairy farm) and getting the chance to see a calf being born in the birthing barn :) It was wonderful coming home again though. We arrived home on Sunday the 16th. Our family then, left for OH for the Red Power Round Up show the next day :) Then we were gone for another week (writing about that below). It felt like I was gone so much of the month but I so enjoyed the month. Glad to be home again and looking forward to working with the horses again!
 Our truck and trailer at the hotel in OH
 Our Stand
Building with lots of Cub Cadets
 Changing the tire
Our blown tire
We left for OH on Monday the 17th. We drove to Bluffton, OH and got our hotel. We had that hotel for Monday and Tuesday and then had another hotel for Wednesday thru Friday night. Saturday and Sunday evening we drove two hours then got a hotel. We had a pretty good show and it was quite enjoyable being able to see people we haven't seen for a while. Shows are fun because sometimes you don't see some of the people more than at the shows. Sometimes they come to our house to buy parts but usually we see them at shows. On the way home on Monday we blew a front right tire on the truck on the turnpike. Ray (dad) kept control very well and we pulled to the side and changed the tire. Quite scary but thankful that we were able to arrive home safe and sound. Thankful to God for the safe traveling otherwise and keeping us safe when the tire blew. :)

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  1. Wow, the calf is too cute! Everything looks fantastic! I am glad you had fun and a safe trip! Wow, the tire DID blow! Must have been quite something. It was scary on our trip becuase we are in the middle of nowhere and the engine light was persisting that something was wrong. Turned out it was an oxygen sensor. Whew!!!