Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Shadow, Freedom, and Riding Daisy

 Shadow's Ears
Rachel and Shadow
Last evening (Tuesday) I put some horses together to see who would get along with who. I had done that on Monday evening but I hadn't put Kali and Dolly in with the others. Magic, Freedom, Prince, Harley, and Daisy were all together and got along quite well. Then last evening I put everyone but Freedom in together and they all got along splendidly. Its nice when the horses get along.
Some of you asked for pictures of Shadow..well here are a few (above). I also have on of Freedom. Didn't get any of Daisy though.
I rode Daisy with the snaffle bit and English saddle. Mainly I worked her at going nicely into a trot and stopping when asked. A few times she acted like she is going to run instead of trot so I would just guide her toward the fence and that slowed her down. I wanted her to slow down without me pulling extra on the bit. I wanted her to stop nicely with just my seat and light rein cues. She did amazingly well. Once she did her best then we quit. I was quite pleased with how she did. If I get done with the pictures I am taking tonight before it is to late I am going to see if I can ride! :) Hope the rest of your day is amazing!

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  1. Oh, I love Shadow!!!! And Freedom is one handsome boy!