Sunday, August 18, 2013

Riding Bridleless and Some Photos

Bridleless...such a feeling of freedom and oneness with the horse 
I didn't ride at all Friday or Saturday. Today (Sunday) I did ride once again. This time bridleless and my mom took pictures for me. I had hoped to have gotten some earlier in the week but it just didn't work out. Daisy did wonderfully for the most part. She can be a bit of a mess at times but we work thru it. I still sometimes cannot believe I have accomplished this with her. I always dreamed of riding bareback and bridleless with only a neck rope, but really didn't think I would accomplish it. At least not this soon :) I have had Daisy three years this coming October and we have come a long way from when I first got her. I do feel that by riding bridleless, it can help you with your riding when you ride with the bit. At least it has helped me anyway. Well I don't have much to write tonight and the next two weeks I won't have much to write about as far as riding my own horses but I plan to write about my week cooking at a cabin (this week) and then my visit to WA to visit my friend with my sister. I will do some riding then. So if you don't hear from me that's why. But I do plan to post pictures and posts once I return ;)

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