Monday, September 16, 2013

Riding and Grooming the Horses

This is my 800th post...I so cannot believe it!! Anyway back to regular posting.

I rode last Friday on my day off. I brought Daisy down here to the farm and rode her in the field across the road which had been harvested that week. I rode her in the snaffle bit and English saddle. She was acting a bit hyper and not totally listening to me on the way down but before we did anything in the field I got her to listen to me and calm down. We trotted at first and then I allowed her to canter. She slowed down like she was supposed to at the end of the field. Then when we turned around headed back toward the farm, she was like yippee I can go. I held her in and got her to trot. Once she trotted nicely, had her head lowered, and was listening to me I allowed her to canter. I slowed her down before the end of the field and headed back out again. On the way to the other end of the field she did absolutely great. We cantered the length of the field, no problems whatsoever. Even stopping she stopped like a charm. Then on the way back to the farm she was acting a bit bull headed but she was listening nonetheless. I was pleased with how well she did being in the bit...last year it was a lot worse, I definitely can see the improvement especially with her responsiveness to the bit! :)

Then today (Monday) I just groomed the horses and loved on them. I am so tired from the weekend. Went to the beach Saturday and yesterday I was away for the majority of the day :) It was a good but busy weekend. Tomorrow I have clubs so Wednesday hopefully I will ride. We shall see! :)

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