Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Riding Daisy and Driving Freedom

This past Friday I did ride Daisy. I was working her on slowing down and speeding up with body language. She does really well with the that over all but she needs brushing up on it so that is why I have been working with her on it. I hope to ride her Thursday evening and hopefully Friday too.

Then yesterday (Monday) I line drove Freedom on the road for the second time. I was able to drive him out the drive way and onto the road with no problem at all. Although he did call a few times while we were away, he walked really nice and listened quite well! There was a time or so that he acted a little funky but I guess that is to be expected as he learns the ropes of being out by himself. I was quite happy with how he did over all. Hoping to drive him another time this week again.

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