Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ponying Freedom

I made up my mind today that even though it is dark I am still going to ride. I brought my horses in from the meadow and groomed them first. I worked Freedom a bit from the ground. Mostly just backing him up and getting him to walk/trot nicely alongside me. So tonight since I still planned to ride, I broke out my reflectors (tail reflector, leg bands, and neck/breast strap for Daisy and my reflector vest) and put them on Daisy. Put the natural ride on her and the snaffle bit, got a long lead rope, got Freedom, hopped on Daisy and off we went. I didn't ride too far but we did go in the opposite direction than normal simply because where we went had more lights cause it is in the village of Schoeneck :) Daisy was being a mess so I cut the ride short with Freedom. Took him back and put him in the meadow and then took Daisy out again and worked with her.
The one road in Schoeneck there are lights and it has hardly any traffic. Anyway I worked Daisy up and down that street. We worked at slowing when I asked her since she decided to be a bull headed horse and not listen to me when headed toward the barn. I was pleased though I got here to listen in the end and she did great over all! I know the reason I am having such an issue is because she has had off for the last two weeks after working a lot the week before. :) So hoping to get her listening well again!

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