Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Riding in the Dark and Snow

Last week after Wednesday, I didn't do any riding. I had wanted and planned to ride on Sunday but took a long nap. Monday I rode in the dark. I had made up my mind this winter, I am not letting the dark or cold stop me from riding. So I saddled Daisy up with the English saddle and snaffle bit and put her reflectors on. We headed out for a nice ride. I took her into Schoeneck where they have lights at night and rode along the one side street. I just worked Daisy and was hoping she would be a bit less bull headed. By the end of the ride, she seemed to be doing better. I didn't work with Freedom because I wanted to work on finishing up some pictures.

Tuesday I didn't ride because it was rainy and I wanted to spend the evening with my family. Today, Wednesday), I had off from work and I slept in. So after I woke up, I finished up the family pictures from FL and now working on the reception. I did ride this afternoon for a bit. I hopped on Daisy bareback and went for a nice ride in the falling snow. It wasn't laying but it was just nice to ride in daylight and it wasn't raining!! Guess we shall see what tomorrow looks like. Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!

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