Monday, January 13, 2014

Another Week Before Us

So since the weather on Friday and Saturday was a bit dreary and more conducive to staying indoors (and Friday and today I had off from work), I had the chance to do a lot of thinking and research this weekend. I am redoing my horse's diet due to some research I am doing. Part of that research includes reading this book, The Horse Nutrition Handbook - Melyni Worth PH.D. Been learning some stuff although some of the info reminds me of high school and some of the classes that I didn't totally get. :) It is a good book and I feel like I am walking away informed. Also really enjoyed Joe Camp's books and website:

Along with doing a lot of thinking and research as far as my horses, I have been doing a lot of digging in God's Word :) It has been good digging and along with that, right now I am reading this book, Brokenness, Surrender, Holiness - Nancy Leigh Demoss. I just started it, but feel like I am going to walk away with a lot of good insight and even seeing things I need to and want to change. This is what I have been challenged with in my devotions: Building for Eternity. I have been reading thru 1 Corinthians and really enjoying it so far.

I love how God just has a way of using even the things we consider inconvenient or "bad" for his honor and glory. In some ways having off from work was a blessing in disguise because I came down with a nasty chest cough and head cold last week. So I was able to spend the weekend in a chair, covered in blankets, drinking lots of tea, and reading :) So even though I haven't been able to really work with my horses due to not feeling well and the cold I am hoping to get some time to do that this week.

I feel like I walked away from this weekend blessed by the extra time spent in God's Word as well as just being able to get away, in some ways, from everything. I am feeling better and hoping to face the rest of the work week feeling much better :) May God bless you as you face the rest of the week!

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