Saturday, February 8, 2014

Adventures with Hay and Working with My Horses

Friday and today (Saturday) were quite interesting days. Friday while still at work, the guy (Walter) that boards at the barn called me and asked me if I would be able to go with him to get some more hay (he doesn't have a truck at the moment so I had offered the use of mine; a couple of weeks ago we had gotten a load too). I said sure, I think that should work. Well we get to the place where we were to pick up the hay, and realized that we wouldn't be able to pull in to get the hay because the driveway hadn't been plowed and we were afraid we would get stuck. Side note: My truck is not four wheel drive (I know, I know, smart), and I have gotten stuck a total of four times this winter already. I was not in the mood to get stuck another time. Anyway, back to my story. So we just parked the truck along the road (it was a back road) and put the four ways on. We decided to investigate how we should do this. We went in to the top of the bank barn to where the hay was, threw down 12 bales to the barn floor. Then we carried the hay to the front of the barn, and threw it out the front, down to the concrete outside. We closed up the back of the barn and went around to the front. I had a sled in the truck because that is how I had taken it down to the barn when the driveway at the barn was too snowy to go down. So we loaded up the sled with 6 bales and pulled it to the truck. With ice on top of the snow it made it slightly easier to get it to the truck. We loaded those bales onto the truck, then went back for the second load. It didn't take overly long to get everything loaded and then we headed back to the barn. We stopped for 3 bales of shavings on the way back. Once at the barn, we backed down the driveway and backed into the barn to unload the hay. Once we had the hay unloaded then we took care of our horses. I must say though, that was the most work I went to getting a load of hay. Something I definitely won't forget.
Today (Saturday), was a good day. Around 10:30 I headed down to my friend Sharon's house. My cousin Sarah, Sharon and I were going to ride on horseback to the Panda Garden to get some lunch. We took our time riding in, grabbed some lunch, and then headed back. It took us a good part of the middle of the day but it was so relaxing and a lot of fun. After we got back to the barn, I headed out pretty much right away. Sarah was going to come up to the barn to work with Mischa. I came home and talked to my parents for a bit and then once Sarah got here we went to the barn. The guy that boards there as well, Walter, was there. We all had an enjoyable time talking and working with our horses. Sarah worked with Mischa and I was doing chores. Walter worked with two of his ponies and I got the chance to work with Daisy and Freedom. I worked with Freedom on laying down and got him to sit one time. Then I rode Daisy a bit on the road, with the French link snaffle and bareback. She did ok but she was just being a mess. I need to work with her more by herself. I really want to drive Freedom again but the driveway at the bottom is really bumpy and not sure the cart would do so well. Overall I had a great day hanging out with horse people :) Hoping to work with my horses more this next week if it isn't too cold! Have a great weekend!!

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  1. Haha, when I worked with moving hay bales we made a bridge of hay bales so we could go back and forth. :))))) Hard work!