Thursday, February 6, 2014

More Snow, Challenging Things, And Riding

It has been an interesting week so far! Monday it snowed which meant no riding. I didn't even make it to the horses so Anthony and Lori fed my horses. Tuesday I was able to go to work, of which I was thankful. My cousin came to ride in the evening for the first time since she moved Mischa in. We rode for an hour. It was after dark, so we geared up with our reflectors for the horses, as well as the vests for ourselves, and headed out. I love being able to talk to my cousin, Sarah, and we never run out of things to say :) So I am really excited about seeing her more. Daisy did well, especially for not being ridden on a ride like that and for not having been ridden with the bit in awhile. Mischa did good for that matter.

Wednesday, I didn't go to work because of the freezing rain we got the night before. I spent the day with my family and it was good to be at home. I didn't get to the barn till late in the day, so no riding. Today (Thursday), was the last evening of winter Bible School, so no riding this evening either. Tomorrow evening I am hoping to spend sone time with both horses, and hoping we don't get the snow they are calling for on Saturday so I can work with both my horses again. We shall see!

The one benefit if this snow was that I got some more practice shooting photos. I really enjoyed that aspect.

This photo was from today. Cameron (3 yrs) is Isabella the ladybug, and I am Casey the rabbit. Had so much fun playing hide-and-seek with them. I get so much amusement out of Cameron because of the things he says. Today, at lunch, I asked him what his favorite thing we did so far and he listed some things and then looked at me with a look of confusion, and asked, "Did we have rest time yet?" and I just looked away and smiled   because rest time doesn't happen till 2 in the afternoon :D Gotta love them. I have been blessed with being able to have a job where I can work with children and be a positive (at least  that is my prayer) influence on them.

May you face what is left of this week with a smile on your face and allow God to use you wherever He has placed you! I have been so encouraged in my walk with Him this week and although I don't understand totally why things have turned out the way they did, I know God had a plan for everything!! The song, I Need The Prayers Of Those I Love has been running thru my head as well as my favorite song, When Peace Like a River. May God bless you as you serve Him.

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  1. Glad to hear all that Ruth Ann! God is continually blessing me and my family.
    Have a blessed day, and I love the photos. :)))