Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's Day as you probably already know. Personally I have been thinking of the love Christ has for me. As much as I was hoping on going to work today, that isn't happening because the roads are really not looking the best this morning and the school where my boss works, is closed :D Since I was awake anyway to see if my boss had told me if I working or not, I saw that the sun was coming up. I checked to see the exact time of sunrise and decided to head out and take some morning pictures. The snow was quite deep where it hasn't been plowed yet, no surprise since we got a few more inches last night again.

sunrise this morning
When I got in from taking pictures, no one was up yet because Rachel's school was closed too. Everyone slowly got up and moving and after breakfast I went out with Rose Mary to take care of the dogs. We got Duke and Kelsey each out to play with. They both seemed to really love the snow. The roads weren't really clear yet so we just were together as a family. I was tired so I took a nap. I am not a person that really likes to take naps but my cold has been making me drag so a nap felt good. Around 2:30, Rose Mary and I headed to the horses. I wanted to drive Freedom.

We got to the barn and Lori had been working at clearing the driveway so I was able to drive Freedom!! :) I was so excited because I haven't had the chance to drive him for a bit. I drove him for about 20 minutes and besides spooking 3 times, once for an unknown reason, and twice by the same dog. Once we got back, I put him out behind the barn.
We brought Harley in and I brought Daisy in. Since Rose Mary was using my natural ride and I don't use my western saddle (which I plan to sell at some point) and I didn't feel like using my English saddle, I decided to just ride bareback. Rose Mary and I rode for about 40 minutes. Daisy did really well. We even cantered twice and Daisy responded well to my aides when cantering. I must say there has been improvement! :)
Once we got back to the barn, I was giving Mischa and Harley their hay and grain. Well before we had left I had given Freedom some hay so he would have something to munch on and not decide to destroy anything. Wouldn't you know, instead of eating his hay, he goes and digs in the snow and finds hay that had been put out but not all eaten for other horses. Silly goof. Some days he just makes me laugh. I was happy though that he did so well with driving. I am really excited about starting him under saddle in almost exactly 2 months. I think it will go really well but I guess time will tell. He is definitely a character.
The weather forecast says we might get 2-4 more inches. We got a whole bunch on Thursday, some last night, and more tomorrow :) Hope we are able to still do our youth thing (the youth group is doing in home babysitting for families from our churches). Guess we shall see. Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day! I had a great one spent with my family, having fun and being together!!

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  1. beautiful pics and driving Freedom would be a dream come true! It looks like tons of fun!