Sunday, February 16, 2014

Snow and An Update

Saturday it snowed for the majority of the day but the roads stayed clear till evening, when it started to blow the snow onto the roads. So the only place I went last evening was to take care of the horses. During the day, my mom was going on the road anyway, so I asked her if she cares if I go along and would be willing to stop a few places so I could take some pictures. She was willing to do that, so I got some pictures of my favorite trees, the four sisters (pictured above). Not sure why I like these trees so much, but I do. Usually I go home from work this way, so I get to see them most every day. :) I didn't ride but I spent the day with my family, talked with a friend on the phone I haven't seen in a while, caught up on some journaling and reading. Today I groomed Daisy and loved on Freedom a bit. I had planned to ride but instead I got the chance to talk with my friend Elana, who is serving at Mountain View, on the phone. I always enjoy talking to her because I walk away encouraged :) Tomorrow if the weather stays clear, and it isn't too cold, I plan to drive Freedom and ride Daisy. Sarah is coming in the evening, so I most likely will ride then too. So we shall see! :) Hope you had a great weekend!

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